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Dance of the Water Lilies Stained Glass WindowOur Basil Street Gallery is full of delightful treats for both indoor and outdoor décor and you should take a browse through it and you might be surprised what you will find.  These items are all on sale too.  The beautiful, yet understated Dance of the Water Lilies Stained Glass Window now on sale and a beautiful addition to your home that will blend in with any décor.

If you have been impressed with our large Buddha statue be sure to take a close look at the large Buddha head  ornament in the Gallery.  The Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze is now sale priced and just a magnificent piece to have on your wall.  This sculpture is 2 ft. tall and has a bronze finish.

Greek Ironwork Spartan HelmetIf you have a collection of knight statues, the Gallery has some accessories for that collection. On sale now is the Greek Ironwork Spartan Helmet which is a proud table ornament reminiscent of the Spartans, one of the greatest fighting forces ever.  The colorful General Guan Yu statue would also fit in well with knights and other warriors.

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