Take a Nap in Your Garden

Precious Slumber Baby Angel Bonded Marble StatueYour outdoor space is a place for relaxing, perhaps putting up a hammock and taking a nap.  We have joyful little creatures that will also look adorable napping in your garden such as this one in our marble busts for sale section.  It is the Precious Slumber Baby Angel Bonded Marble Statue and is on sale at a great price.  These little cherubs are fast asleep, safe from everything surrounded by angel's wings. 

While our garden statues gnomes are usually a pretty active bunch either gardening or doing some other outdoor activity, we do have a few slackers in the bunch.  For the sleepy side of your Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpturegarden you might enjoy Snoozing Booker the Garden Gnome Statue.  He is lucky that he is smaller than a mushroom so that he can lean up against it and take a nap since reading his book must have tired him out.

Angels always seem to be falling asleep in the garden; it must be the smell of the flowers and the warmth of the sunlight.  We have another one in our stone garden angel collection.  This is the Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture where the little angel has fallen asleep in a basket of flowers leaning his head on his wing. 

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