The Backyard Becomes Adorable with Animal Garden Sculptures of Rabbits

Although rabbits sometimes raid our gardens, that doesn't change the fact that they look downright adorable. With big round eyes, floppy ears, a puffy tail, and hopping gait, these little mammals are some of the cuter Carotene the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statuecreatures to pay a visit to the backyard. They look even better as garden sculptures and the following three rabbit statues will provide an endearing touch to any backyard:

Carotene the Bunny Rabbit will be one of the cutest and funniest sculptures to grace your garden. It can't seem to get enough of your carrots but looks far too adorable to scold.

While Carotene stuffs its arms and mouth with carrots on the ground, another crafty rabbit literally swings from the trees with more of your carrots. The Carrot Caper Swinging Bunny Rabbit holds on for dear life as it attempts to flee the garden with its precious prize.

For a more realistic (but no less cute) set of rabbit sculptures, decorate the backyard with Hopper and Bashful. Both of these beautiful animal garden statues capture the alert attitudes of rabbits that are ready to race away or hide in the clover.

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