The Beauty of Bird Wall Decor

Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall SculptureA lot of people like birds. Many of us like to watch the goldfinches, woodpeckers, chickadees, and other small birds that come to our backyard bird baths or feeders, we marvel over their ability to fly, and some of us even take trips to watch birds at national wildlife refuges and far off places. Given their beauty, it's no surprise that birds also make excellent subjects for wall decor. Some bird-themed wall decor looks as if it's ready to fly into the living room while others simply show the beauty of the feathered members of the animal kingdom.

The Freedom's Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture is one of the more dramatic bird sculptures in our collection. Hang this detailed portrayal of a Bald Eagle on the wall of the living room to pay homage to this stunning, charismatic bird of prey. It will also add texture and dramatic dimension to any room as it extends full eight inches out from the wall.

If one of your rooms or a garden wall could use a touch of avian color, try the Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall Sculpture. The vibrant reds, blues, and yellows match the same colors expressed in the plumages of live Scarlet Macaws.

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