The Beauty of Owl Garden Statuary

Howie the Hoot Owl Swinging SculptureOwls are one of the most interesting types of birds. Unlike sparrows, pigeons, and other species that frequent the backyard bird feeder, the majority of owls only come out at night, have a stocky, barrel-shaped appearance, flat faces, and large, staring eyes. Given their nocturnal habits and distinctive, spooky calls, it's no wonder that owls have captivated people from around the world for thousands of years. The Little Owl was a symbol of wisdom in ancient Greece, many African cultures still view owls as harbingers of death, and they are featured in several popular movies.

The real truth about owls is that they are nocturnal birds that do us a great service by preying on mice and rats. As is the case with many charismatic animals, they also make excellent animal garden statues. Give the garden a beautiful, mystical touch with the Perching Forest Owl Statue but don't be surprised if the realism of this animal yard statue scares off squirrels and other small animals for a few days.

Howie the Hoot Owl Swinging Sculpture shows that owls can also be cute and comical. Hang this fun statue from your favorite backyard tree and watch it gently swing in the breeze on warm, summer days. Add to the cute owl atmosphere with the even more adorable Puffy, the Roly-Poly Garden Owl Statue.

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