The Classic Appeal of Legendary Statues

Poseidon: God of the Sea Grand-Scale SculptureGreek myths have been popular stories for hundreds of years. Few other ancient cultures can claim stories that continue to entertain millions of people in modern times in the form of books, movies, and video games. The legends endure not just because so much of western knowledge and learning has its basis in ancient Greek civilization, but also because they are just really good stories. They stir the imagination with tales of heroes who confront a snake-haired Gorgon who can turn you into stone with a glimpse of her terrifying, accursed eyes. They appeal with dramatic, fantastic tales of a minstrel who risks the dangers and fires of Hades itself to bring his beloved back from the grave. Those old legends endure and are further kept alive by putting Greek garden sculptures on display in the backyard.

Put a statue of Poseidon: God of the Sea near the pool or backyard fountain to give the garden a legendary touch. This grand statue captures the essence of the Sea God and makes a bold statement with its six foot height.

Our Muse with Harp Sculpture and Jupiter Sculptural Garden Terminus are just two other statues in our extensive collection of elegant, enchanting classic statues. These and the other legendary sculptures in our collection will be a breathtaking addition to any backyard or business.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these beautiful statues and other decor from our classic collection when purchased by today June 26th.

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