The Classic Beauty of the Wall Pediment

The Hardwick Dragon Wall Pediment: Set of TwoThe wall pediment is an ancient type of architectural decor. The ancient Greeks incorporated sculpted pediments into many of their temples and important structures and this form of sculptural decor was probably used by other cultures before that time. However, the Romans took the sculpted pediment a step further with cornices decorated with sculpted motifs and figures of deities. During the Italian Renaissance, sculptors created thousands of wall pediments with intricate designs and beautiful details. That same style of wall pediment decor can still be seen today in many of our resin wall pediment items.

Homes with a Gothic flair will look even better with the Hardwick Dragon Wall Pediment. This fantastic Medieval-themed sculpture makes a powerful magical statement when placed over a hearth, above a doorway, or above the main entranceway to a big room. This fine sculpture pairs well with the Heraldic Dragons of Avebury, a wall pediment that combines the power and beauty of the dragon with the symmetry and regal appearance of a heraldic crest.

If dragons don't belong on the walls of your home, the Weeping Angel Wall Pediment and the San Galgano Wall Pediment are just two other types of wall decor sculptures that bring classic beauty into the home.

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