The Classic Magic of Basil Street Gallery Water Nymphs

The Garonne Water NymphAncient Greece and Rome abounded with tales of magical creatures. Although few people claimed to actually see them, a lot of folks probably believed that fauns, dryads, and other magical beings made their home in the wild woods and enchanting meadows of the Mediterranean region. Waterways were the supposed abode of nymphs and like mermaids, they took the form of beautiful young women. However, instead of sporting a scaled tail, they had long legs and looked just like humans.

Whether taking care of rivers and ponds or simply singing on moonlit nights, water nymphs were pretty harmless and a popular legend that lasted for centuries. Renaissance sculptors popularized them with many a statue, including four found in the Fontaine des Innocents in Paris. Built during the sixteenth century, it's the oldest monumental fountain in the City of Lights and the nymphs that it depicts represent the four major rivers in France. In proper water nymph fashion, each of them is equipped with a basin for keeping the waters of their rivers flowing downstream. Detailed replicas of each of these four nymphs can also be found in our Basil Street Collection and are presented in Roman arch wall niches so you can put these magical statues on display in your own, private bath.

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