The Dweller, Grim Reaper and a Vampire Tombstone


The Vampire Demon Tombstone StatueDesign Toscano is always pleased that customers find items such as our large Buddha statue bring tranquility and peace to their gardens, but is that what you want for Halloween, no!  This Halloween you might want to consider The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue that will bring a little of the sinister and scary to your garden.  The demon with his wide wings is depicted above a tombstone in a Gothic style and is almost 2 ft. tall.  

Everyone loves our garden cherub statues as they are adorable and so spiritual.  At Halloween, though, you want to place some real spirits in your yard and what is better than The Dweller Below Garden Sculpture. Peeking his head up in your garden is some sort of ghoul, boogeyman or spirit and certainly is in just the right place at this time of year.  You can almost imagine him yelling “BOOGITY!”

Nor all of our sculptures for outside are gorgeous animals or Greek heroes; we have plenty of gargoyles and other nightmarish things that you can place outside for Halloween.  A great piece that should be very popular is the Rest in Pieces Grim Reaper Tombstone Statue.  Yes, it is the grim reaper in your yard with a scythe in his bony hand, a grin on his skull and leaning on a tombstone that says “Rest in Pieces”. 

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