The Elegance of Japanese Garden Statues

The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda SculptureGardens are an essential part of Japanese culture. While people from just about every culture plant and care for vegetables and other plants near their homes, the Japanese garden is in a class of its own. A high population density, Shinto philosophies, the challenge posed by the elements, and other factors have worked together to turn the Japanese garden into a veritable artform.

Gardens of course vary by owner and circumstance but in general, every statue, outdoor garden sculpture, rock, and bush seems to have been situated in the garden as part of the overall design. Each plant is trimmed in a manner than accentuates the beauty of the garden, and sculptures incorporated into the green space are nothing short of exquisite.

Sculptures like the Nara Temple Pagoda are an ideal choice for Japanese gardens given the caliber of details and quality that they demand. As graceful as it is elegant, this statue will be one of the highlights of any Japanese garden.

Water is elegance all on its own and is probably why liquid H2O is incorporated into most Japanese gardens. One fountain in particular that works well for even the most detailed of these gardens is the Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain. It's height (nearly four feet) and ability to create natural "music" earn it a coveted spot in any Asian-themed backyard.

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