The Elegant, Natural Beauty of the Animal Yard Statue

Peacocks in Paradise StatuePainters and sculptors give voice to their hearts through skilled hands and a detailed eye. The most gifted of artists can create images that stir the soul and turn lumps of clumsy stone into shockingly realistic figures. Nevertheless, even the most magical hands of the artist can't vie with nature's canvas. The details found in a hummingbird's feathers are simply extraordinary and produce a shimmering array of jewel-like hues. We may be used to the long trunk and big ears of an elephant but when you think about it, pachyderms look like something from an artist's wildest dream.

Although a minute percentage of people can host their very own living menagerie of exotic, amazing animals, the right animal garden statues make it possible for everyone to enjoy the bold beauty of nature. Real Indian Peafowl are a sight to behold and the wonderfully detailed Peacocks in Paradise Garden Statue does them justice with its realism and carefully painted details.

For a classic study in black and white, it's hard to match the elegant pattern of a zebra. Meant to make it difficult for predators to pick just one animal out of a herd of black and white stripes, this "natural look" is simply stunning on its own and deftly demonstrated by Zairen the Zebra Sculpture.

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