The Garden Gets a Fresh New Look with New Spring Items from Design Toscano

Spring is a time of renewal. As the snows of winter melt away, new shoots of grass are revealed, Spring Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statueflowers begin to show signs of life, and birds sing from the trees. Most people also feel invigorated by the change of the season and show it by redecorating the garden with animal garden sculptures. It's the perfect occasion for giving the garden a new look and there's no better place to shop for unique, high quality decor than Design Toscano.

The new Spring items released by Design Toscano will turn your backyard into that magical place you have always dreamed of. Guests will marvel over your gardens, neighbors will snap pictures, but most of all, you will absolutely love how you backyard looks.

Want to be the talk of the town? Put in the new Crash Landing Flying Saucer sculpture for a conversation piece that will grab the attention of every guest. As with every sculpture from Design Toscano, the attention paid to details will make neighbors wonder if aliens are hiding in the shrubbery.

A new Spring sculpture for every fan of fantasy novels is Mandrake the Tree Ent Statue. Although it's not nearly as big as an actual Ent, it looks so real that you might begin to wonder if it's going to get up and stroll around the garden.

Find these and dozens of other unique garden statuary items at Design Toscano.






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