The History of the Garden Statue

Grand Basilica Praying Angel Garden StatueMany people looking for a statue in their garden do not consider the significance that comes with a statue selection. When you know the importance of garden statues, it is easier to pick one that best suits your personality.  Here we talk about the history of the garden statue, and how it can be used to create the significance you are seeking in your outdoor space.

Ancient Egyptian eras and centuries old Greek times would thrive on creating places of worship known as temples. These temples, both inside and outside would be decorated and ornamented with the most beautiful statues to give praise and respect for the gods that were being worshiped.  Through the Renaissance era, this tradition was maintained by the French who brought statues to dominate similar themes in garden settings.  The religious outdoor statues you see today are symbolic replicas of the very statues used in these times to create serenity and worship.

Greek garden statues that embody the gods that were worshiped in days gone by are another stunning way to recreate the history of the garden statue.  Another way to create the same effect but from a different era would be the introduction of Egyptian decorations to transform your outdoor space into an outdoor temple.  However you choose to incorporate statues into your garden, when you understand the history behind them it makes your statue selection all that much more significant.

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