The Importance of Plinths for Garden Statuary

Estate Classic Statuary Plinth BaseSome statues are big enough to stand on their own but most look better with a bit of extra height. The ancient Greeks and Romans realized this and used plinths and columns for most of their sculptures. Statues of Zeus and sculptures of Jupiter were given their proper due as major deities when they were placed on a pedestal. It demonstrated their importance and made them more visible than subjects of lesser importance. A decorative base also added to the artistic quality of sculptures and could transform a small statue into a majestic work of art.

There's no reason why modern statuary shouldn't likewise be displayed on columns and plinths with a classic appearance. They give them the same noble gestalt as statuary that graced the gardens of ancient Rome and Athens and add a touch of elegant class to any backyard.

The Estate Classic Statuary Plinth Base looks nice enough to act as a sculptural work of art all on its own but it's really meant to provide quality sculptures with the type of display that they deserve. The Grande Laurel Sculptural Plinth Base is another regal choice for your favorite outdoor garden sculpture while a straightforward Roman Doric column can be used for small statues, flower vases, or a table for a cold drink.

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