The Kneeling Stone Garden Angel

Angel sculptures come in a variety of forms. They can be shown in a triumphant stance to proclaim the glory The Bergama Renaissance Angel Statue: Leftof God or as a guardian of a small child. Grieving angels are also shown with face covered by their robes as they mourn for a lost loved one. Despite their glorious appearance, angels are also a symbol of humble piety and this is typically depicted by statues in a kneeling position. The Angel of Alghero shows this with clasped hands and a serene, concentrated face. Get this unique sculpture for the garden and you will be displaying a close replica of a 19th century work of art from an Italian cathedral. Another replica of an angel sculpture from the same cathedral is shown with arms folded across the chest.

For similar kneeling angel statues on a larger scale, buy sculptures of the Intercession Angels. These beautifully detailed angel statues are also available with both clasped hands and crossed arms.

Stunning statues of kneeling angels can be used to flank doorways or the entrance to the backyard and the Bergama Renaissance Angels can also hold pillar candles. These angels are replicas of original marble statues and are carefully copied to show the same minute details in the wings, robes, and candle holders.

Buy these excellent angel sculptures, religious outdoor statues, and other resin garden statues by tomorrow, November 28th and get 20% off the regular price.

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