The Meaning Behind Ancient Cat Symbolism in Egyptian Décor

If you are thinking of adding some Egyptian elements into your interior design theme, you can create a theme entirely centered around Egyptian home décor, or simply add some Royal Bastet Egyptian Boxluxurious accent pieces with symbolism to achieve a similarly royal effect.  The cat symbol in ancient Egyptian eras is one that is revered for a number of reasons.  Find out here how and why the cat symbol in Egyptian art is so important to have in your home.

Cats are considered sacred creatures of the Egyptian era for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons is the Bastet goddess. It is said that the ancient Egyptian deity that was associated with execution and justice was known as Mafdet.  Mafdet was a fierce lion with warrior qualities that was revered. As time passed, cats in Egypt became more domesticated, and this lead to the Bastet goddess cat who was known for imparting fertility, protection, and motherhood on the homes she abided in.  As such, many people in the ancient Egyptian times would have a Bastet looking cat in their home.  Today, that concept is recreated through Egyptian art and Egyptian décor.

You can accomplish this look with the addition of some Bastet Egyptian tables or a piece as unique as this Royal Bastet Egyptian box.  The key when incorporating Egyptian elements that embody symbolism into your home is to keep it simple and let the pieces create the conversation for you.

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