The Meaning of Animal Symbolism in Feng Shui Principles

If you are designing your home or garden around Feng Shui principles, you may have heard that the addition of animals into your theme will help your Feng Shui.  Here we discuss the importance of the animal symbolism in Feng Shui design, to help you better choose what animals you would like to invite into your home decor. 

The elephant is a sacred creature in many cultures, and in Feng Shui is known to symbolize wisdom.  Many cultures also consider decor such as outdoor elephant statues to symbolize other things such as fertility, fidelity, longevity, and good luck.

The lion is a symbol used in Feng Shui and many Egyptian decorations to embody bravado and courage.  It is said that when a pair of lions are facing an entry point with both of their front feet touching the ground they are protecting your home or business wealth.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - LargeA tortoise statue is another famous Feng Shui symbol that embodies endurance, wealth, longevity, good luck, and a happy family.  Slow and steady wins the race is the symbolism you will add to your home with a Feng Shui tortoise.

If you want to attract money to your home, it is said that a frog is the way to do it.  Legend has it that a frog will visit a home during a full moon when the home is expected to receive good fortune or news pertaining to wealth.

When you want to add a little extra wish into your home, doing so with Feng Shui animals is a clever and very symbolic way to do so.

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