The Medieval Theme

Medieval times are very popular at present with shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Merlin" on television and in the movies.  Design Toscano has many medieval items and knight statues for you to design your home with.  One of the best knights is the Knights of the Castle Great Wall Sculpture – Knight with Halberd.  This knight is mounted on your wall surrounded by a wooden fortress wall, with his halberd, guarding your space.  He is another Design Toscano exclusive.

Checkmate Knight and King Wall Sculpture SetEvery Knight and Lady needs a castle to return home to and to be protected by.  Not many people have seen a castle as a table but among our Gothic tables we have Lord Langton's Castle Glass-topped Sculptural Table.  Imagine seating your guests next to this wonderful and functional castle sculpted in great detail.  The glass top has room for several drinks and other items.

Nothing says medieval more that chess pieces and if this is your décor you probably have a medieval chess set.  In our marble busts for sale area, we have the ultimate wall sculpture to complement your theme.  This is our Checkmate Knight and King Wall Sculpture Set.  A great wall sculpture depicting the knight and king of chess set fame in a large wall pieces done in resin with an antique finish.

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