The Most Popular Stone Garden Angel of All Time

Angels have been a common type of statue for hundreds of years. They were mostly used after the dawn of Christianity and probably reached their height during Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance. Statues of hundreds of saints and angels adorn Gothic structures such as the Notre Dame cathedral and angel sculptures eventually became common decor in Tuscan piazzas and courtyards throughout Europe. Monteverde Angel Statue (1882)During the Victorian era, angel sculptures became hugely popular for both cemeteries and the gardens of the well to do.

Among the multitudes of angel statues that were carved over the centuries, one statue in particular stands out for the fame it achieved. In 1882, the Italian sculptor Giulio Monteverde crafted an angel statue that became a veritable hit. Simply known as the "Monteverde Angel Statue", he sculpted it as a memorial for the Oneto family of Liguria, Italy. However, unlike other sculptures that he had done, this statue became so well known and liked that replicas of it showed up in cemeteries and gardens from Sicily to Scotland. When Giulio passed away in 1917, one was even made for his grave! The popularity of this intriguing, beautiful angel statue continues to this day.

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