The Peaceful Presence of a Stone Garden Angel

The Angel's Message Garden StatueStatues of angels have been a popular subject for centuries. In European churches, they were meant to be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the glory that awaited the faithful. The artists who created lifelike sculptures of the Elohim used passages from the Bible and their own imagination to come up with the imagery that we associate with angels to this day. Beautiful, perfect, androgynous beings that are forever young while also being ancient, they exhibit huge eagle-like wings and have an appearance that can be lovely, beautiful, compassionate, and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

However, angels can also be sad and eternally peaceful and this is why we place them in cemeteries and around churches. The immensely peaceful nature of angels also makes them an ideal statue for any backyard. Although an abundance of greenery, flowerbeds, and Greek garden statues do their part in soothing the mind, the presence of angels helps create the peaceful type of atmosphere that wipes away the stress and brings you to a better place.

The Angels Message Garden Statue is such a sculpture and it accomplishes this by blending the innocent beauty of a child with the eternal peace of an angel.

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