The Power and Grace of the Tiger Sculpture

Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger SculptureThe Tiger is one of the most charismatic and famed animals on Earth. This huge feline's combination of danger and beauty has fascinated folks in Asia for thousands of years and continues to capture the attention of people throughout the world in modern times. These massive orange cats with neat black stripes are the very definition of power and elegance yet despite their strength, Tigers have sadly become endangered. The big cats were hunted out of many parts of their range decades ago and they need large areas of wilderness to survive. However, hope for the Tiger comes in the form of  protected status, reserves set up for them in various countries, and ecotourism.

Seeing these elusive big cats in the wild is always a challenge but you can still show off their grace, beauty, and power with beautifully detailed animal garden statues. The Sumatran Tiger is the subspecies that occurs in the rainforests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and is a gorgeous dark orange cat with black and white highlights. The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculpture captures this beauty and makes for an exotic addition to any backyard.

To pay homage to the Bengal Tigers that roam the jungles of India, get a life-size animal yard statue of this huge cat! This realistic statue will add dramatic beauty to the backyard of any home or office.

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