The RCA Dog and Stallions on the Wall

Nipper, the RCA Dog StatueDesign Toscano is all about sculptures for outside.  If you drive through your neighborhood and peer into neighbors’ yards, you will see our pieces outdoors on almost every block and the reason for this is that they are sculptured in fine detail and also our artists have an eye for the unusual. Nipper, the RCA Dog Statue is a fine example of this.  Many people remember this dog tilting his ear to hear his master voice over a gramophone and see this as a great piece of memorabilia.  Others don’t remember the trademark, but do love this statue as a well detailed adorable pup and a great addition to the garden.

When one is looking for something totally adorable and undeniably cute, they need to look at our collection of garden cherub statues.  One of these is the In Nature’s Hands Baby Cherub Angel Statue.  This sculpture is about the birth of each new season of the year.  The baby’s head is shown held in nature’s hands and surrounded with angel wings.

Our artists create animals that are second to none in their fine detail and life like musculature such as our bold tiger sculpture.  Now they have created a wall piece that horse lovers will adore and all animal lovers will want to have.  This is the Stallion Stampede Wild Horse Wall Sculpture depicting three wild stallions with their manes flying and heads rearing.  The piece is 30” wide and is done in a classic relief style.

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