The Realism of Lifecasted Garden Statuary

Lady of the Lake Direct Lifecasted Garden StatueThe sculptures of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Renaissance artists are wonders to behold. Statues done during Greek times were so realistic that they spawned tales of a mythical creature that turned anyone who looked into her eyes into stone. The skills of artists from ancient Greece and Rome are still showcased more than two thousand years after they brought life to slabs of marble. The artists of the Renaissance equaled that realism with incredibly life-like pieces. Nevertheless, modern sculptures take realism a step further with techniques that capture every tiny curve and detail of a subject.

This technique is known as lifecasting and as one can imagine, it involves making casts of every part of the subject to create the most life-like sculpture possible. It's a painstaking, 12 step process but the end result is an exact, three-dimensional replica of the subject in question. The Lady of the Lake outdoor garden sculpture is one such work of art. The realism of this statue is truly breathtaking while the hair hiding her face as she crouches next to the water adds to her mystical appearance. Guests will be enchanted by this magical faux stone garden sculpture and you might begin to wonder if she is going to get up and walk into the water.

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