The Realism of Our Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueNorth America has plenty of legends but the one that has captivated Americans and Canadians the most is that of Bigfoot. Also known as Sasquatch and the much less mysterious "skunk ape", Bigfoot is an enigma. The huge, hairy creatures are mentioned in many Native American legends and thousands of people have reported sightings of the bipedal giant from the swamps of Florida to the lush forests of southern Alaska. Although Sasquatch has yet to receive scientific documentation and be fully recognized as an actual animal, hundreds of the stories are compelling and at least one bit of filmed footage is believed to be the real deal by more than one expert.

However, given that Bigfoot is still officially considered to be a creature that only exists in legend and in the minds of people who also believe in the existence of garden fairies, more than one person has wondered how we can claim that our sculptures of Bigfoot are realistic. Well, if you believe in the existence of Bigfoot, you could say that our Sasquatch statues are realistic because they are based on sightings of the creature. If you think that the North American Yeti is just a figment of wild imaginations, you could still say that our animal yard statue of the creature is realistic because we provide a detailed depiction of what it is supposed to look like. Whether it exists or not, our statues of Bigfoot certainly help bring it to life!

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