The Realism of Stealthy Animal Yard Statues

Prowling Spotted Jaguar StatueSculptures of animals are a natural fit for every garden. Even if you put statues of exotic animals on display, they can still seem right at home in any backyard. Put a tiger sculpture on display in an Asian-themed garden and it will blend in perfectly with your Buddha statues and pagodas. Show a mini-menagerie of African animals in the backyard and they look as if they belong out there with the rose bushes and tulips.

Unless there's a breakout at the local zoo,  you aren't going to see a jaguar in your backyard but even so, the Prowling Spotted Jaguar sculpture seems right at home as it sneaks through the grass. Realism in a sculpture doesn't just come from fine sculpted details and accurate colors. It also stems from the overall depiction of the statue and feelings that it generates. In the case of stealthy statues like the prowling jaguar, you couldn't be more realistic than showing a powerful feline in the process of stalking its prey. The same can be said for the beautiful, elegant Grande Black Panther Statue. These and other animal garden statues exclusive to Design Toscano are so realistic that it might take a week or two for your dogs to stop barking at them!

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