The Regal Sophistication of Lion Garden Statuary

Roaming the wild plains of Africa, lions are the apex predator of their realm. Powerful prides of lions flee from no other animal and are the epitome of security and authority. The power and royal bearing of lions has been a source of fascination and inspiration for thousands of years. Associated with nobility, power, Regal Lion Sentinel of Grisham Manor Statueand leadership, these big, maned cats were depicted in the halls of Babylon, are featured on royal family crests, and have been immortalized as sculptures in many a Victorian-era garden.

As animal garden statues, lions bring a certain sense of regal sophistication to your place. Just as with the royal families of yore, depictions of these big felines are a demonstration of power, security, and courage. The universal appeal of this animal also makes lions right at home in any garden decorating theme. They pair well with a tiger sculpture in an Asian garden, are perfect for any Medieval-themed backyard, and fit right in with classical sculptures of angels.

Show your noble bearing with one or both of the Regal Lion Sentinel of Grisham Manor statues. With long, flowing manes and muscular stature, these beautiful animal garden sculptures are a classic addition to every home.

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