The Season for Outdoor Animal Statues is Not Yet Over!

It's not too late to add animal garden statues to your garden or lawn! Though winter is just around the corner, a nice tiger sculpture or decorative meerkat sculptures may be exactly what your garden needs!
Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue
Design Toscano's exclusive Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue is a favorite among customers. Your leafy summer garden will be labeled an exotic getaway when this sleek cat steps out to greet your visitors! The heart of African wildlife is captured in our more than two-foot-long, quality designer resin sculpture, hand-painted to herald the dark side of the jungle. This Toscano exclusive is on the prowl!

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture is a group of three cute and curious meerkats that will lighten up your garden, even in the coldest winter weather. We've little doubt why meerkats recently became beloved screen stars - they're adorable! This gang of meerkats were sculpted at over two feet tall, from their characteristic meerkat sentry stance to their long thin tails, this charming Toscano-exclusive meerkat statue is sure to turn heads in your home or garden! 

To view more inexpensive animal yard statues, browse through Design Toscano's new collection Top 50 Gifts Under $100 online today!

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