The Significance of Greenmen Decor

The Somerset Greenman SculptureFor those that are looking to add a unique element to their interior design, you may have heard of the term “greenmen” in specific pieces or to add a distinctive focal point to a room.  While many find a greenman charming, knowing what it means will add an all new significance to any decor if you choose a greenman piece in your decorating themes.  The beauty of the greenman is that it is not only just that, beautiful, but it is symbolic in a way that it can easily be incorporated into any design theme. Whether your theme is Egyptian, medieval, or even home and country, a greenman will add ambience to any indoor or outdoor setting.

Simply put, a Green Man is simply a sculpture, decoration, or piece of art that is represented by a face surrounded by or even made from leaves.  You will often see vines or branches sprouting from his nose or other parts of his face, and these often bear fruit or flowers.  A green man in design is often seen in the carvings on buildings or churches and is symbolic of growth and prosperity wished on the dwelling where it exists.  A green man decoration then will represent the cycle of spring or new growth, and is a revered symbol in many forms of mythology.

Greenman decorations can be found in sculptures for outside in every theme from Egyptian home decor to gothic decor.  You can place one in your entrance way or in your outdoor space to request the gods to bestow prosperity and the cycle of spring into your garden every year.

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