The Ten Commandments, Fighting Gnome and Stained Glass

Ten Commandments Sculptural TabletSome of our most popular statues are those that depict religious figures such as our large Buddha statue.  Part of their popularity is that there is something for everyone, no matter what theme they would like to use.  For those who are interested in a biblical theme, a great item is the Ten Commandments Sculptural Tablets which are now on sale.  These faux stone carved tablets stand 18” tall and have the scripture inscribed in English on one side and ancient Hebrew on the other. 

We have so many garden statue gnomes that there will be room for one in your yard no matter what your décor.  If you have committed to an Asian décor, we have just the right gnome for you, our Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninja.   This adorable, but tough ninja gnome stands 10” high and is armed with a sword and wearing a traditional ninja outfit.  Underneath the mask, though shows part of the traditional gnome face.

When browsing the Design Toscano website make sure to look at all the wonderful things that are available in our marble busts for sale section.  Naturally we have many busts in that section, but also have beautiful furniture to place them on like the Peacock Stained Glassed Illuminated Hand-Carved Pedestal.  The pedestal stands over 3 ft. tall and is beautifully hand carved wood, which surrounds a stained glass rendition of a lovely peacock illuminated from the interior.

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