The Virtues of the Tortoise Statue

Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron StatueAnimals have been associated with certain attributes since people started drawing on the walls of caves thousands of years ago. Owls have often been used as a symbol for wisdom and longevity, royal lions are featured on the crests of a number of noble families, and elephants are said to bring good luck to those who put pachyderm images and sculptures on display. Another lesser known animal that has also been viewed as a symbol of longevity, good luck, and wisdom is the lowly tortoise. Although this ancient order of reptiles might not look as pretty as a macaw or cute as a Meerkat, they win hearts with their good natured, harmless appearance and patient attitude.

The positive attributes and unique look of the tortoise have actually made it one of the more popular and enduring of animal garden statues. People have put sculptures of this characteristic reptile in gardens for more than a thousand years to bring luck to their home and family, and because they add a wholesome, happy look to any garden. The low height of the tortoise makes it an excellent choice for an animal yard statue that can provide a natural look to the backyard while looking right at home with its surroundings. Like the actual, live tortoises that actually do enter gardens in certain parts of the world, the tortoise statue makes for innocuous, naturally interesting decor.

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