The X Factor in Décor

Décor at Design Toscano can be simple and elegant but it can also be a little on the quirky side of decoration.  Our crazy meerkat sculpture is a fine example of the different side of outdoor décor.  We believe that you will find The Raven's Perch Zombie Statue to be a bit out of the ordinary, but perhaps ideally suited for your home.  This nightmare in your yard was hand painted by artist Gary Chang to depict a zombie hand rising from underground.  A strikingly realistic raven has found this hand to be a perfect place to perch.  Of course, this is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Perseus Beheading Medusa Bonded Marble StatueSince you know you would never find this anywhere else, this entry in our gargoyle figurines is a Design Toscano exclusive.  He is the Legend of the Cambridge Hopping Gargoyle Sculpture.  The mystery story to this figure is that there was a "hopping creature" that left gargoyle tracks (if we know what those are) outside Cambridge, England.  He was never seen, but our artist, Richard Warsin, designed this wonderful figure with a smirky smile and glint in his eye as what he imagined the Cambridge gargoyle would look like.

We have some many interesting items in our marble busts for sale section that it is hard to highlight just one.  However, if any statue ever had the X factor it is the Perseus Beheading Medusa Bonded Marble Statue. When looking for a beheading statue, nothing is cleaner and more realistically sculpted than this table top conversation piece now on sale.

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