There are Tigers in the Garden!

Some people's gardens are pretty wild. Folks with backyards that abut national forests and large protected areas see their fair share of animal visitors. Deer, raccoons, elk, and even bears can make their way into the garden. Some folks in Africa and Asia have to contend with even larger, much more The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Lying Down Bengal Tiger Cub Statuedangerous animals such as elephants, leopards, and even pythons. Animals like that are enough to keep you from watering or weeding the garden but backyard encounters with wild creatures like those are fortunately far and few between. Luckily, the same can be said of the Bengal Tiger.

One of the largest, most beautiful predators in the world, the Bengal Tiger still roams protected forests and reserves in India. However, just a century ago, it was much more common and probably turned up in people's Indian gardens on a rare but regular basis! A much safer means of having tigers in the garden is by displaying authentic, detailed tiger sculptures. Put out garden statuary like the Lying Down Bengal Tiger Cub and neighbors might wonder if you happen to have a pet tiger relaxing in the backyard. Pair it with the life-size Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue and they might run back into the safety of their homes!

Intimidating and breathtaking, these animal garden statues add a wild, exotic look to every backyard. Get free shipping on these animal garden sculptures and any purchase of $75 or more from March 16th to March18th.

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