Three Easy Ways to Decorate the Backyard with Classic Greek Garden Statues

Windblown SculptureOne of the easiest ways to give the garden an elegant, distinguished look is by putting a few classic statues on display. Detailed, beautiful statuary can make as a bold a statement as they did in ancient Greek gardens and Roman villas. We are reminded of those ancient cultures as well as beautiful Victorian era gardens when we see breathtaking sculptures such as that of Hebe, the Goddess of Youth. Nevertheless, if you have never put up statues in the garden, filling it with fine replicas of classic sculptures might seem a bit daunting. However, giving the garden a touch of class is actually much easier than you think.

Try the following three easy ideas to add a bit of classic elegance to the backyard:

  • Pick out a statue that you like: With dozens of beautiful classic sculptures in our collection, you are bound to find more than one statue that will look right at home in the garden. Pick out a favorite like the Windblown Sculpture to be a centerpiece garden statue.
  • Pick out something affordable: Browsing our collection of classic statuary will reveal sculptures that are very affordable. If you don't want to spend too much, start out with a Bacchus: God of Wine Greenman.
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