Three Garden Statuary Ideas for an Extraordinary Backyard

Raptor Skeleton Garden SculptureWe all want our gardens to look fantastic and many of us use a combination of landscaping and beautiful resin garden statues to make that happen. However, some statues stand out for their combination of unique subject matter and realism. The following trio of sculptures are three of the more interesting and unique statues in our collection:

  • Raptor Skeleton Garden Sculpture: Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a skeleton of a dinosaur right in your own backyard. As children, many of us entertained just such a fantasy and now you can sort of make that childhood dream come true with a sculpture of a dinosaur skeleton. Bury the weathered looking resin bones of this two foot long dinosaur raptor skeleton in a corner of the garden and invite neighborhood kids of all ages for your very own archeological backyard dig!
  • Roswell, the Alien Sculpture: A surprising number of people have seen unidentified flying objects and a few have even claimed to have seen actual alien visitors. Put this sculpture of a Gray alien into the backyard to pay homage to the mystery of UFOs and entertain guests with one of the most unique statues they will ever see.
  • The Abominable Snowman: No sampling of extraordinary garden statues would be complete without  mentioning a Bigfoot statue. In addition to our classic Bigfoot sculptures, we now also offer statues of its Himalayan cousin, the mysterious Abominable Snowman.

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