Three Tips for Realistic Displays of Animal Garden Statues

Animal garden sculptures are a wonderful addition to any backyard. Not only do they pay homage to the wonder and beauty of nature, but they can also do so with dramatic and striking results. The following three tips will help you  "Beautiful Black Swan" Statueshowcase the beauty of animal statues in your backyard:

  • Put the animal statue where it would naturally occur: In other words, instead of putting that mesmerizing Black Panther statue out in the middle of the yard, place it off to the side and in the shade, or coming out from behind a bush. This emulates the tendency of actual wild panthers to keep to cover, especially when stalking prey, and will thus will add a further touch of realism to this dramatic statue.
  • Use animal statues together: Since Black Panthers are top predators, this sleek and powerful feline will take on a very realistic appearance if it appears to be stalking something. That something could be a statue of a beautiful Black Swan, an armadillo, or other potential prey. Place the prey animal in the foreground and looking away from the panther for full realistic effect.
  • Only use high quality, realistic statues: This is the most important thing to keep in mind when aiming for striking, realistic displays of animal statues. If the sculpture doesn't look real, it will only take away from the realism of the overall display.

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