Too Shy

Some of our smaller statues stand very shyly aside and let the big guys get all the attention, but these detailed and lovely figures should not be overlooked.  One stone garden angel stands tall, but shy and has something for you.  This is our Angel's Message Garden Statue who is two and a half foot tall and appears to be approaching with a prayerful pose to deliver peace and serenity to your garden.

Einstein, the Thinker, Garden Gnome StatueOur garden statues gnomes are always off doing something interesting, whether playing music, working in the garden or just taking a nap.  This shy little gnome is thinking up marvelous things that will change the world.  He is Einstein, the Thinker, Garden Gnome Statue perched on a tree stump next to a mushroom thinking about the things around him and how they work.  He has the typical red gnome hat and of course a long white beard and is an exclusive of Design Toscano.

The figures in our greenmen collection are usually anything but shy, they might even be called a wee bit scary.  There is one greenmen wall sculpture however, that does not want her full face to be seen by all.  This is the Bashful Wood Sprite Wall Sculpture which like most of the greenmen has elements of a tree around her and is covering her face with her hand which looks much like a leaf.

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