Toscano Marble Busts For Sale!

Design Toscano is currently offering some exclusive marble busts for sale!

Our marble busts are classic and elegant pieces that will add some sophisticated style to your home's theme, whether it be Gothic decor, Egyptian home decor or Medieval home decor!

Design Toscano's exclusive Poseidon of Artemision Statue is an elegant touch to add to every home! As the famed god of the sea, Poseidon ruled from the ocean floor in a palace made of coral and gems. This 19th-century scaled replica of the museum original showcases this moody divinity’s strong features and forceful nature. This work is a striking piece upon a base of solid marble and makes an unforgettable gift for your home gallery!

The Augustus Inlaid Marble Column is perfect for holding any of your beautiful marble busts! This piece is another extravagant and meticulously detailed Design Toscano piece that blends the arts of hand-carved hardwood and solid, natural marble. Exuding stylish Neoclassical influence, the “Augustus” was crowned exclusively for Design Toscano. This showcase of classic materials accents your fine taste, as it makes a fabulous display for your sculpture!

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