Trees Aren’t the Only Place for Greenmen

The sculptures of intricately carved faces known as "Greenmen" are some of the best decor possible for trees in the backyard. Crafted to look like a part of the tree, they add personality to the oaks, maples, Oak King Greenman Wall Sculptureand elms in the garden by literally giving them a face. Nevertheless, these sculptures also look great in other places in the home and garden. To add a unique dimension to any decorating theme, try putting them on:

  • Walls in the garden: Put one or more of these sculptures up on the walls in the back of your home and garden. By making them more visible, you provide a nice touch of personality to the backyard.
  • Inside a workshop: A "workshop" can be a garden shed, greenhouse, or any place where you pot plants, sculpt clay, or create things on a regular basis. These unique types of garden statuary just might act as a source of inspiration.
  • As doorknockers: Welcome all to your home with a doorknocker that has serious character. The Vecchio Iron Doorknocker is so big that guests might need two hands to use it. Just make sure that you have a door that is big and strong enough for to employ it!

Add personality to your place with these sculptures, garden fairies, and other decor from Design Toscano.



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