Triumphant Elephants, a Crocodile and a Witch

Triumphant Entry Elephant SculptureWe have featured many an outdoor elephant statue in our blog, but here is one that is worth repeating and he’s on sale.  That’s right, our Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue is now $100 off.  He has his trunk raised for good luck and appears to be striding onto your patio.  He is of course hand painted in wonderful color which contrasts with the brightness of his tusks. 

Many people have browsed with wonder at our “extraordinary” animal collection; these large and wonderful animals, some like our Big Foot garden statue which may or may not be real, others taken directly from nature.  A statue that is just right for your garden may be the Grandscale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Walking Crocodile Statue.  The incredibly statue depicts a crocodile looking for his next meal; he is large at more the 4 ft. long and so detailed that you’ll think he just dropped in from the swamp.

While cruising through all of our many sculptures for outside, some customers might have missed our intriguing weather vanes and garden stakes.  As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner and you might want to pick up this lovely Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane Garden Stake.  This fearsome witch which is a little bit over 5 ft. tall, will keep your garden safe from other haunters this season.

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