Tropical Garden Statuary

Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall SculptureCertain sculptures can take us to other times and places. Medieval decor can remind us of days when royalty lived in castles and keeps and the joust was the main form of entertainment.  Dragon statues and sculptures of other mythical creatures help to bring our favorite fantasy novels to life, and then there are backyard sculptures that simply remind us of warm ocean breeze on a tropical island.

Add the relaxed, easy-going character of Hawaii and the South Pacific to your backyard with tropical-themed statuary. The Gods of the Three Pleasures Tiki Statue is a fun, good-natured piece destined to be a hit at all of your backyard parties. Its wood-grain texture and Polynesian design give this resin garden statue an authentic appearance.

Add bright colors to backyard walls with the Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall Sculpture. This colorful wall decor captures the breathtaking beauty of this large parrot species with detailed feathers painted in rich blue, yellow, and scarlet hues. Perched on a branch, the two macaws in this wall sculpture make an even bigger statement by standing five inches out from the wall.

In addition to colorful, tropical statues and decor, you can also add Polynesian flavor to the yard with the Tropical Thatch Umbrella Cover. Put this cured palm thatch on top of a backyard umbrella for an authentic, tropical beach look.

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