Turn Some Heads With Exotic Garden Statuary

Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger SculptureDelight visitors to your garden, pool, or patio with our exotic animal garden statues. Whether your style leans toward wild meerkats, horse statues, or the legendary Bigfoot, the lifelike appearance and fine detail of these garden sculptures are found only at Design Toscano! Search our vast kingdom for the animal yard statue that you seek!

The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculpture is a beautiful, two-foot-long depiction of this ferocious feline. This piece is also surprisingly inexpensive, at less than $70!
Imagine looking out at your garden to discover our majestic, boldly colored, wild feline sculpture on the prowl! The heart of Indonesia wildlife is captured in our two-foot-long, Tiger garden sculpture. Our artist has Makokou the Climbing Monkey Statuetaken great care with the tiger's credible pose and realistic eyes to create a fitting addition to your home or garden. This fiercely beautiful tiger statue is amazingly detailed, cast in quality designer resin, and hand-painted with characteristic thick black tiger stripes that capture every sculptural nuance. Our powerful animal sculpture is sure to turn heads! 

Go "native" with our exclusive Makokou the Climbing Monkey Statue! Add an exotic touch with our intricately sculpted, designer resin monkey sculpture swaying in a tropical breeze from its 21-inch natural hemp rope. Our exclusive "Makokou" chimpanzee statue will allow your sense of whimsy to shine through, as guests admire the hand-painted detail and laugh at the humor of our witty monkey figurine for home or garden.

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