Two New Animal Garden Statues that Make Perfect Poolside Decor

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The warmer weather translates to a lot more time being spent in your beautiful backyard to enjoy the Giant White Pelicanoutdoors and taking dips in the pool. Even when you don't go for a swim, it doesn't get more relaxing than sitting by the water with a cold drink at your side and a great book in your hands. With that in mind, you need the right type of decor to add to the relaxing poolside atmosphere. Animal garden statues can work especially well as poolside decor because they can help make you feel as if you are actually sitting by the shores of a distant, tropical sea.

Two such animal garden sculptures are the Giant White Pelican and the Giant Loggerhead Sea Turtle Statue. Both of these sculptures were carefully sculpted to show the type of details that make them look as if they are going to come to life. The Giant White Pelican has the same look and saunter as the real pelicans that hang out at seaside docks in search of scraps, while the Loggerhead Turtle sculpture looks ready and able to slip into the water for a few laps around the pool.

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