Two of the Cutest Garden Fairies

Sculptures of fairies for the garden tend to be graceful, elegant, and simply magical. Quality resin garden statues of fairies inspire, beautify, and add atmosphere to every backyard. Adaptable as they are elegant, they look right at home when placed next to a flower bed or perched in a shady part of the garden. Most fairy statues are also undeniably cute. This should come as no surprise as cuteness seems to be a requisite for every fairy but even so, there are some fairy sculptures that excel in the cute category.

One such sculpture is the Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy. Standing beneath a flower stalk, little Ella wears a petal gown, has dainty green-leaf shoes, and delicate, drooping wings. She looks out from her natural green hood with innocent wonder and in touching her finger to her lips, reveals that she is a true fairy child. 

While Ella peers at garden visitors from a flower bed, another cute fairy sits on a swing in a nearby tree. The Summertime Fairy on a Swing wears a blue dress and adds an innocent, playful touch to the garden.

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