Unique Garden Statues that are Out of This World!

Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft StatueSome decor is so good, it simply looks out of this world. These are the decorations that stop guests in their tracks and are nothing short of being simply breathtaking. However,  a few unique garden statues are literally out of this world because they represent beings and situations that don't exactly hail from the place we call home. Take Roswell, the Alien Sculpture for example. This unique detailed statue of a classic "Gray Alien" doesn't depict anything that was born on this particular planet! Carefully modeled after descriptions of the aliens that were found in the supposed spaceship crash at Roswell, New Mexico, this statue shows the same huge dark eyes, large head, and long, spindly fingers as the legendary creatures from the downed flying saucer. However, the one in our sculpture is friendlier and seems to be waiting for a lift as it leans against its crashed spacecraft.

Speaking of flying saucers, you can add one to the garden with the Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statue. This extraordinary garden statuary is the perfect compliment to the friendly Roswell Alien Statue and is carefully modeled after tales of metallic flying disks that have intrigued millions since the 1940s. This unique sculpture will be a great conversation piece for garden guests who also happen to be fans of the science fiction genre.

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