Unleash Dragon Garden Statues in the Backyard

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn StatueDragons are such wonderful, mystical creatures. Most cultures have dragon myths and they fly through dozens of fantasy novels and films on their massive, bat-like wings. Given their large size, huge clawed feet, pointed teeth, and that fiery breath, it's a relief to know that the scaly beasts are only found in the imagination. Nevertheless, they still make for some pretty exciting garden statuary!

The Dragon of Falkensberg Castle makes for an especially interesting dragon sculpture. The three parts of this beautiful faux stone statue give it an eerie, undulating appearance that makes it look as if the beast is swimming through your lawn or right next to the pool.

If you have doghouse or a shed in the backyard, their roofs will be a perfect resting spot for Apex the Winged Dragon. This modern gargoyle-like dragon will fit on just about any roof but keep in mind that his contemplating, hungry look might scare off some of the more timid backyard party guests.

As intimidating as the above two dragon sculptures are, not every dragon is meant to be frightening. The Sir Sagremor's Dragon Sculpture with Gazing Orb sums up the beauty of the mystical dragon and will add magic to any backyard.

Find these unique sculptures, gargoyle figurines, and beautifully detailed garden faries at Design Toscano today.

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