Unveiling the Biggest, Scariest, Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot is an enigma. While millions of Americans and Canadians don't accept that there is a large, hair-covered undescribed Hominid stalking the dark forests of North America, a huge number of people do believe that Bigfoot exists. Many of these believers are folks who claim to have actually seen Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) as it strolled across a road at night, howled from the darkness, or even threw large rocks at their cabin. Many of the stories and evidence are compelling and have made thousands of people wonder if the legends just might be true.  

Sightings of the creature typically describe a large, bipedal ape-like animal with long arms and a large, domed head. It doesn't seem to want to harass anyone but that didn't stop the people who have supposedly sighted it from being absolutely terrified. A large, hairy creature certainly looks threatening but their fears probably just as likely stem from a brush with the unknown in the primeval, pitch black of the nighttime forest.

The artists at Design Toscano have recently released the fruits of four months of hard work that investigated stories about Bigfoot to come up with a huge life-size, detailed replica of the Great North American Ape. It's so big and looks so real that you may find neighbors filming footage of the Bigfoot in your yard a day after putting it into the garden.

Buy this new, amazing, life-size Bigfoot sculpture, beautiful garden fairies, and the best in garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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