Use Garden Statuary to Attract Birds This Summer

"Georgina's Garden Gaze" Child at Birdbath StatueOne of the many benefits of having a big, green backyard is the presence of birds. The more bushes and trees you have, the more likely that friendly, beautiful birds will show up such as American Robins, goldfinches, jays, rose-red House Finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, and other species. At this time of the year, birds are nesting and filling the yard with song. In addition to providing you with a natural, soothing soundscape, they can also help eliminate leaf munching caterpillars and other pests that plague the garden. Not only can you attract birds to the backyard with vegetation, but they can also be enticed with certain types of resin garden statues.

Since just about every bird likes a bath, get a beautiful, decorative bird bath to help out those backyard feathered friends while sprucing up the yard with unique, elegant decor. Get the Georgina' s Garden Gaze Birdbath Statue to blend the beautiful scene of a child at play with live, avian beauty as birds come to splash in the fountain. If you don't feel like filling the basin with water, it will look just as enchanting when garnished with rose petals.

The Backwoods Bird House Collection are other excellent statues for attracting birds to the garden. Each of these cute sculptures acts as an actual bird house and gives the yard a happy, rustic look.

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