Using Wrought Iron Outdoors

If you are not sure what materials you want to use in your outdoor living space, you would be wise to consider the investment of iron pieces to add to your theme.  Wrought or cast iron is making a comeback into the outdoor living space, as it adds an elegant touch, and is a versatile and long lasting material to use.  One thing with wrought iron is that it is easy to go overboard or use the wrong piece with the wrong theme, so if you truly want to get the most out of this valuable investment, take our tips into consideration on how to do it well.

Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door KnockerWhether your design theme is Mediterranean or contemporary, a simple addition of iron gothic tables or an accent piece such as our Greenmen door knocker can make a significant statement.  Additionally, if you are not investing a large amount into your iron accents this year, something as simple as a tortoise statue can be all you need to add that touch of elegance you are seeking with iron.

The term “wrought” in wrought iron symbolizes the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into forging and shaping the metal to its desired and current shape.  When you are using iron pieces in your decor, you are incorporating both traditional and modern elements in one piece alone.  The end result is minimalist effort that makes a significant impact and will last through many outdoor seasons making for a very worthwhile investment, even if you are doing so through one piece alone.

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