Vampire Bats, Winged Skeleton and a Gargoyle

Crescent moon Vampire Bats Metal WeathervaneDesign Toscano is well known for its many varied sculptures for outside from Greek gods to charming dragons.  Of course we continue this tradition with our Halloween themed outdoor sculptures of which the Crescent Moon Vampire Bats Metal Weathervane: Garden Stake is a fine example.  Bats, bats and more bats are surrounding the crescent moon on this weathervane which can be set as a weathervane or as a garden stake.  It is made of aluminum for its rust free nature, but finished in a dark and stormy black.

Babble, The Gothic Gargoyle StatueThis is not the time of year to be thinking of our adorable garden cherub statues (although they are lovely).  Now you need to delve into our somewhat darker winged sculptures like the Kiss of Death Winged Skeleton Statue. The story depicted here, inspired by a 1930’s statue from Barcelona, is a lovely maiden kneeling down, but alas her suitor is a bony, winged skeleton giving the kiss of death. 

We try to always put a little fun and cuteness into many of our statues like our extremely cute tortoise sculpture.  If you thought we couldn’t put some fun into a gargoyle, then you will be surprised when you see the slightly goofy Babble, the Gothic Gargoyle Sculpture.  This gargoyle is actually smiling, although showing some sharp teeth, and is about a foot tall.  He won’t scare the kids and makes a great addition to Halloween décor.

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