Visit the Basil Street Gallery for Fine, American-Themed Décor

Freedom's Pride American Eagle Wall SculptureDecorations that follow an American theme are a fine gift for for anyone who loves American history, has an interest in American politics, or just enjoys living in the USA. While American-themed decor is fairly easy to come by, high quality American decor is another story. The best place to find unique, quality, American-themed decor is in our Basil Street collection. This is where we feature fine interior decor and many of the most exquisite items in our catalog, including such fine American-themed items as the Freedom's Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture. This fantastic, detailed wall decor extends a full 8 inches out from the wall and thus looks as if it's ready to fly right into your living room.

Match that patriotic theme with the Liberty Enlightening the World Sculpture. This beautiful bonded natural marble sculpture is a carefully detailed  small scale replica of the famous statue that has welcomed millions to New York City and the United States of America. This fine sculpture will look even better when presented with such Basil Street wall decor as the New York Skyscraper Metal Wall Friezes.

Augment the American look with Native-themed statues. The classic End of the Trail Sculpture is a detailed quality replica of the James Earle Fraser bronze original, and the Sitting Brave with Spear Statue expresses the proud cultures of Native Peoples from the Great Plains.

Buy any of these American-themed items and other high quality decor in the Basil Street Gallery from today until January 22nd and enjoy a 20% discount!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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